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Format: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year: 2019
Number of episodes: 4
Directors: Roman Barabash
Scenario: Olga Zhabina
Producer: Dmitriy Minzyanov
Cast: Aleksandr Davydov, Dana Abyzova, Nikolay Boklan, Oleg Maslennikov

Yekaterina Vavilova (Katya), a young and talented teacher of choreography, meets Dmitry, who has arrived in her small provincial town from the capital. The two young people fall in love, and Katya is sure that their feelings are real and serious. However, she is soon to be disappointed, as love turns to hatred, humiliation and bitter disappointment. Katya’s life turns into a nightmare - she becomes the object of universal derision, then she loses her job, and finally her own father turns against her. Katya has no alternative but to leave her home town for ever. But the past that she has tried so hard to forget returns to confront and haunt her seven years later.

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